Weekend Adventures

Good morning! So this weekend was full of mini adventure fun stuff. We had Mike and his mom, from Black Magik Bus, come stay with us in their bus.

Since Curtis’s birthday was on Saturday we all headed out to Cocoa Beach and wandered around. Made a stop at the Cocoa Beach Pier, then headed down to Cape Canaveral and had some lunch at Grills.

Later in the evening we went and had sushi at Wasabi with everyone including Curtis’s mom, Matthew and Kyra. After dinner we took Mike and his mom to downtown Cocoa and strolled around for a bit before heading back home to the buses.

Sunday was sort of a lazy day and we all just chilled out back around the fire.

With all the birthday excitement done, Curtis and I have our first actual wedding anniversary this weekend. Four years married. With that being said this week’s YouTube video will be our wedding video. Since we got married in Las Vegas, it’s not your typical wedding, so be sure to check it out on Friday!

I hope everyone has a great week and don’t forget to Enjoy the Journey!


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