Adventures in Sunflower Gardening

Let's go full circle

Adventure isn't always about travel. Sometimes adventures happen at home and today I would like to share part of our adventures in gardening.

Every year I try to grow sunflowers. And yes, I mean TRY because it does't always work out so well.  A few years ago I put down some 3" PVC pipe pieces, that Curtis cut for me, in front of all our fence posts in the front yard. Then I planted the sunflower seeds inside. My hopes were to keep them from getting run over by the lawn mower or weed eater. They just didn't get enough sun to grow more than a few inches high.

Last year I decided I was just going to buy a big bag of bird seed full of sunflowers and put them in between our fence and the ditch. I was hoping for a field of beautiful sunflowers to grow along the fence and brighten everyone's day who happened to pass them along their path.  I do believe it made a lot of birds happy because they were always hopping around out there. While watching the birds gives me a smile, the sunflowers did not get very big, nor was there a field of them. The fence blocked most of the sun through the day, and sunflowers need sun. Most of them had tiny blooms and just ended up looking sad.

So this year I decided to do something else. I'm going to make a giant sunflower garden in the front yard. I plotted out my circle with a stick, some string and a can of gold spray paint. First I did a large circle and then a smaller circle inside of the larger one. Then I marked a spot where I wanted the walk way to be.

With the help of my daughter, we dug out the space between the  large and small circle. It made a really nice area in the center where we could sit and relax while being surrounded by sunflowers. After all the digging, we planted a package of Burpee Mamoth Sunflower Seeds. As well as two packets of wildflower seeds. After two and a half months of carefully trimming the grassy area inside and daily watering, we finally have some tall sunflowers growing in the front yard.

The kids just love playing inside the circle and it makes a nice spot to sit and watch birds.

I do find it interesting how you can tell, based on the height of the sunflowers, which spots in the circle get the most sun. Because of our fence in the front yard and the large oak tree in the back, sun shines on different areas at different times of the day.

Below you can check out a photo time lapse video of the sunflower growth progression, or you can enjoy the pictures.