Long holiday weekend fun!

Happy Monday! We hope everyone enjoyed their time off with family and friends this past Thanksgiving!
For Thanksgiving this year we drove to Ocala and spent a few hours visiting our daughter in prison. We were super happy and very grateful to be able to spend some time with her for the day. Although after we left and the weekend went on we realized we may have gotta some prison cooties from dirty UNO cards.
On Friday we went to Home Depot and got some textured paint and plaster so we can get started on finishing up the small bedroom. Turns out that the humidity was too high in the room and it took forever for the plaster to dry. So on Saturday we went back to Home Depot and got some replacement windows…
We spent the rest of the weekend alternating between trying to replace windows and resting because we didn’t feel so well.

With that being said we actually did manage to get the windows replaced, so this Friday’s video is going to be about that. Also, in case you missed it… last week’s video was us going to the Florida Tiny House Festival in Orlando. Just click the link to head over to the You Tube and check out that video!

That’s it for now… it’s editing time!

Enjoy the Journey!