Well… that happened

Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was well.
Curtis and Matthew worked on trucks and tires for most of the weekend.
I managed to finish scrubbing and plastering the bedroom wall and it’s almost ready for paint. Yay.
Curtis also did some side work because well, he had a meeting with the Bobs on Friday and turns out he is no longer employed. He’s rather excited to be able to start working full time on Artiful Adventures. We’ve got some big plans and now it’s time to implement them.

Last week’s video was for Maker Faire Orlando. You guys should go check it out. There was lots to see, so it’s in montage mode. Anyway… have a look right here : Artiful Adventures at Maker Faire Orlando 2019

As for this Friday we have a sticker exchange art video.

So see you guys over on the You Tube on Friday!