Hello hello!

Wow, ok so I missed another week of blogging. Sorry… I had to get a new phone and set up all of the apps and such. But that’s all whatever. So on to what’s been going on around here…

Lights lights and more lights. We finally got around to finishing the light bar for the hall lights. It looks amazing. We also switched out the lenses for the original headlights and turn signals.

Then this past Friday we drove up to Titusville with Mike and his mom, from @blackmagikbus , so we could see the Dragon Falcon rocket launch. Mike hadn’t ever seen one. It was really a stunning show. We just camped on the side of the causeway along the Indian River.

So last week’s video was about replacing the headlight lenses and adding a cool metal skull to the front for a hood ornament. This Friday coming up will either be the launch video or the halo light bar video. I think I’m leaning towards the launch video though.

Anyway… its time to get editing. I hope everyone enjoys their week and dont forget to Enjoy the Journey!


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