Just a quick update today. Just got done with today’s Live Stream over on Twitch. I’m about half way through this class with TenHundred and it seems to be going pretty well. I’m working on the edit for the first part of the video as well. Hopefully it will be going up for this Friday’s video.

I have several other coloring pages coming to the shop soon. Mostly Elenor & Friends related. I may or may not turn them into paintings as well. Haven’t decided yet.

So, that’s really it for today. Catch me over on Twitch Tues, Wed and Thurs!

Enjoy the Journey!


Long time no write…

Ok. So for some reason I stopped posting back in June. Quarantine blues? Busy? Mourning? I don’t remember.

Since then so many things have changed. We finished the trailer.

Finished the art office.

Went on a couple of trips.

Made some videos.

And started live streaming on Twitch. Tues, Wed and Thurs starting at 11 am EST

Artiful Adventures
Check out the channel.
All streams are currently offline.

Made more videos from live streams.

So… Going to try to do a better job posting regularly in the new year!

See you again soon… Enjoy the Journey!