Fabric update!

Just a quick update on new fabric designs! There are now 16 new fabric design available for purchase over on our Spoonflower shop.

I’m still working on the Ten Hundred art class over on monthly.com. My painting is coming along nicely. Although I’m not sure it’s really my style. Here’s part 1 of the video I made about the class.

Part 2 may be this Friday, haven’t decided on that yet. I suppose if I get the edit finished in time, then it will likely be this Friday.

That’s really all I have for today. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Enjoy the Journey!


New Year, New Stuff !!!

Hey there and Happy New Year!

So I’m currently taking an online class over on monthly.com with YouTube artist Ten Hundred. So far it’s going pretty good. There are lots of great artist in my peer group.  Check out this little time lapse of me coloring my characters in Procreate. ( Coloring is not part of the class, but the character design is)

I’ve also uploaded two new items to the shop, AND they are FREE!! Since I’ve been creating so much art lately, I decided to go ahead and share my line drawings as free coloring pages. I hope to add a few more very soon. Check them out, they’re FREE!

So, that’s all I have for today. If you want you can catch me live over on Twitch every Tues, Wed and Thurs at 11am E.S.T. Just Click the link below!

Until next time… Enjoy the Journey


Life in the Slow Lane

Another Monday has arrived. Last week was pretty chill. There was another Trailer Conversion video last week. The next couple of weeks will be art videos.

I’ve added the original art for the Life in the slow lane postcard art up for sale in our shop.

I’ve also added the postcard art for sale over on Zazzle.

You can always watch the painting process for this art on our YouTube!

So that’s it for now. I hope everyone is doing well. Don’t forget to Enjoy the Journey!