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Making a DIY Mother’s Day Gift

So awhile back I was walking through the Walmart craft section, when a cute little item came into view. Now, being the crafty girl that I am, I decided to take a picture for future inspiration and reference. I just so happens that I could probably make that for my mom for mother’s day with some of the stuff I have been accumulating around the house and yard.

Now, I know that this particular item was only $12.97, but I’m an artist and I must do artist things. So after a few days, I decided to go through our ever expanding pile of discarded pallet wood. Hot tip: if you need pallet wood… check your local a/c supply company. They got wood! After sorting through our lovely collection of pallet wood. After a bit of wandering I found the pieces I needed, gathered my other materials, such as a mason jar, screws, hose clamps, chalk and paint, Then I got to work. So excited!

First I needed to decide how I was going to put the pieces together, since I was going to be using two separate planks of pallet wood. There are several different ways to do this, and I chose to use two small pieces of pallet wood, that I cut down into thinner parts, on the back that cover both planks on each end. I used a pneumatic nail gun for this. We have a smaller air compressor that works perfectly for these types of small tasks. After nailing the two pieces together, I lightly sanded down my new wood pallet making sure to keep a little bit of the roughness of the wood.

After I got it all together and sanded it down it was time to do a rough layout. I grabbed my mason jar, hose clamp, and a screw, then put them down in the rough position of where I wanted them. I screwed it all down temporarily so that I could draw out my text. For this I used a piece of chalk to sketch it all out. It’s easier to draw it out this way because if I don’t like it then I can just rub it off and start over with no damage to the wood.

Once I got my text sketched out the way I wanted it, I took the mason jar off and used a pencil to carve the text into the wood.

I then used a small paint brush to paint over it with a watered down brown acrylic paint, making it stand out more. I also painted in the hearts with red acrylic outlined in brown. I like the rustic folk art feel of it.

Before putting the mason jar back on, I used a clean cotton cloth and thoroughly rubbed it all down with some of my home made coconut oil and beeswax wood sealer. This brought out the subtlety of the wood grain as well as created a water proof barrier for protection. Once it was all sealed I screwed the jar back on and added the lid over top of the clamp to keep the jar from sliding out when hung up.

Now my project was looking great and ready to gift. Created with absolute joy and love just for my wonderful loving mother.

I hope this article inspires you to create your own pallet flower wall hanger. If you have any questions about this project feel free to leave a comment down below.


Below is a list of some of the items used in this project

Pallet wood
Mason Jar
Large Hose Clamp
Brown Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrush

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