It’s gonna be May…

What an absolute lovely morning we are having here in Florida. I’ve got the bus windows open and the breeze is flowing. As I mentioned last week, we’ve been working on a new project. It’s not art or something for the bus. But the first part of that build will be out on Friday May 1st.

There was a question over on our YouTube about some part names on our faucet. So I went ahead and created a diagram for it. If you want you can also check out the video for yourself —> Making our EPIC Steampunk Bus Faucet

Last week I also made pineapple cake and homemade fiestada. So good!

So anyway, I hope everyone had a great week and we’ll see you Friday for a new video!

Enjoy the journey!


High friends!

Last week there was no Monday update. I somehow injured my back and spent several days trying to recover. Ice packs, heating pads and tens units, oh my. I have almost fully recovered and was able to walk without being in too much pain.

Over this last weekend we did some yard work, and Curtis started a new project. Hopefully I can get a video going for that. In the meantime check out the lovely flower photos!

The last two YouTube videos (check out our channel!) have both been art videos. There’s a postcard art video from the previous week, and a digital art video (designing custom fabric) from this past Friday.

Also just a quick mention… Happy 420 to all who celebrate this holiday.

So, we hope everyone is staying safe, maybe learning some new skills or just relaxing. Whatever you are up to though we hope you Enjoy the Journey!


This is a title

Short update today. Still quarantined. Made and art video. Comes out Friday. The art and edit isn’t the best. My dad died the day I painted it. Here’s a picture of him. He was a great man.

So, stay home, wash your hands and enjoy the journey.