Hello quarantine world

Not sure how many weeks it’s been. Just over here hiding in the bus. Last week I made a random video from a song someone made about a twitch streamer I regularly watch. It is on YouTube but not public on our channel. Check out the out below.

Banana in my Mouth

Other than that, I worked on an art video for a sticker exchange. That video will be out on Friday. It is a bit different from the other sticker exchange videos. But that’s ok.

Not sure what’s going to happen after that. Maybe just some more art videos.

Until then, grab a quarantine snack and enjoy the journey!


Social Distancing | Week Two

Well as the world is mostly in lock down mode, I’m still not leaving the house much. Actually went to the bank last week to make a deposit. Was not impressed. I enjoy being around as few people as possible.

This weekend Mike and Bebe, from the Black Magic Bus, headed out towards their next destination. We were glad to get to know them, and share stories about buses and life. We wish them the best of luck and safe travels as they continue there journey.

After they headed out Curtis and I sat around playing some Minecraft and eating leftovers. It’s not going to be easy finding bus projects we will be able to work on while maintaining a self quarantined / social distancing way of life. We will just have to use what we already have.

So last week’s video was the making of the copper light bar. This Friday we’ll be posting the final part, where Curtis and Mike change out bulbs and install the lights onto the bar. Hoping to get out an art video after that.

That’s all I have for now. Wash your hands. Enjoy the new social distancing journey!


Hide Out Time

So, let’s be honest, the world has gone a little bit out of their minds. Personally I don’t really get out that much, so self quarantine isn’t much of an issue. I have left my house/ bus/ property in over a week. Curtis has had to go out a few times though. And like the rest of the country, for some reason, there’s no TP available in the stores. Seems like an odd thing to horde. What about food?

So anyway, we’ve not really done any work on the bus this week. Last week’s video was about the launch. This week’s video will be about the construction of the copper light bar for the top halo lights. Then most likely next week’s video will be the installation of the lights themselves.

Hope everyone has a great week, washes their hands, and stays safe… Enjoy the Journey!