Last Monday of 2019!

Here it is folks! We made it through 2019!

Curtis and I spent Christmas with just each other this year. We made a delicious dinner for two and just hung out playing Minecraft.

This last weekend we spent some time working on the ceiling in the small bedroom. With Curtis being sick lately we haven’t been getting very much done. We did make some nice progress his weekend though. We sill have a very long way to go get the house ready.

This Friday’s video will probably be a year in review video See you then!

Monday Update Time

Good morning! This weekend was extra special… we have a brand new grandson who was born on Friday the 13th..♥️

On Saturday it was a bit rainy so we chilled and played some Minecraft then did a few things with the trucks. It got a bit chilly so I also made a fire out back.

Sunday was a bit more productive though. Curtis helped Matthew with his truck while I did some sanding on the bedroom walls. Curtis came in with the electric sander and got done a bit faster.

After that I painted the ceiling with KILLS to prime it for our next step. Textured paint!

Last Friday I managed to get a short little video up of us goofing off at the carnival for Jenn’s birthday. This Friday could be something bedroom progress related.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the journey!


We had a fairly good time

This year is coming to a close rather quickly. December is filled with lots of birthdays for us. Four of our kids have birthdays, my birthday, plus a new grand baby who is expected to arrive any day now!
With that being said we spent this past Saturday celebrating with our oldest daughter for her birthday. We had a good dinner and then headed across the street to the fair.

On Sunday we had intentions of sanding the plaster on the walls in the bedroom to get ready for paint. There were a few other things that we had in mind to get done, but as it turns out we had a SUPER lazy day and stayed in bed playing Minecraft on our new XBOX. Ooops!
So I guess there may or may not be a video for Friday. Maybe Ill just do a Fair montage. Short and sweet.
Last weeks video was about us changing out some broken windows in our house. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

Enjoy the journey and See you Friday… maybe…