Lights Camera Action

Another weekend has passed us by. We spent our time working on more of our light installations.

Last Friday’s video was a cool sticker / art video. You should go check it out if you haven’t!

Skoolie Sticker Exchange and Custom Note Card Art

We have several other videos in the works coming up as well. They will definitely be a mix of art and adventure and skoolie conversion… as per the usual on our Youtube channel.

Plus we have a trip to the Keys coming up here in a few weeks! We’re quite excited to take the bus as far south as we can. And hang out with a great group of friends for a few days! Not to mention we gotta get that Mile 0 sticker on board!

So that’s all for now… Have a fantastic Monday and see you on Friday!

Mendi & Curtis

Let there be Lights!

Over this past weekend Curtis and I put together a to-do list with a due date of September 29th! We are hoping this will help us get more things done with the bus. Especially since we will be heading to the Florida Keys in the beginning of October.

So after we made our list it was time to get to working on it. First thing we wanted to get done was to get the new marker lights up. So Curtis spent the weekend working on that. They are all done and wired. Yay! They look so nice! Video for that will be either this Friday or next Friday. I haven’t decided if this week will be an art video or not.

Speaking of Friday… last Friday’s video over on YouTube was about Hurricane Dorian. Go have a look HERE! Don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Share!

That’s it for now… See you all on Friday!


Monday Update

Well, there’s a hurricane coming our way.

Hurricane Dorian Sept. 1st

So we spent the weekend doing all of the hurricane preps. Picked up the yard, removed all of the tent canopies, moved the art stuff into the house, boarded up the windows and covered stuff in plastic. Plus lots of other little things that come with prepping for a hurricane.

We even decided to brave a trip to Walmart this morning. It wasn’t too bad. The self checkouts were all covered and they actually had people on the registers. But only like 4 or 5 people, so the lines were long and slow. But we kept a positive attitude and made it out in tact.

Friday’s video will probably be a hurricane video. I think it should be getting to us sometime soon. Not sure though as it seems to be moving rather slowly.

So that’s it for today’s update. See you all on Friday!

Mendi & Curtis