Happy YouTube Video Friday!

Good morning! So it’s Friday and as usual we have a new video up over on YouTube! Check it out below…

I just checked and 95% of the people who watch our videos are not subscribed. If you watch us why not go ahead and hit that subscribe button?

Also we have two new types of videos in the works that we’ll be adding hopefully soon. One will probably be a monthly upload and the other will be in the mix of weekly videos.

So don’t forget to subscribe and use the bell icon to get notified about our new videos!

Much Love,
Mendi & Curtis

Happy Friday!

We are working our butts off getting ready for our summer adventure to the north. We have lots of things to try to get finished before we leave. Can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks away!

So this week’s video is about installing waterlines so we can have running water. So excited! Check out the video below!

Friday Video time!

Hey everyone, it’s that time of week again. I know there was no post last week for either a Spoonflower design challenge or a YouTube video… We have been busy with so many things recently that I ( Mendi) didn’t design anything for the Spoonflower contest. I’m actually a bit behind on that stuff. However, there was a new video put up on YouTube last Friday.

I made an ART VIDEO! Eeeek! You can head on over to our channel to see that and all of our other videos.

This week’s video though, is a bit of a rewind. So check that one out below or head on over to our YouTube if you want to subscribe to our channel. Hit that little notification bell if you want to know when a new video goes up!