About Us


We would like to share our journey with others in hopes of inspiring them to live their dreams. Don't wait to live a life you love!

Just like many people before us, we spent many years working towards the typical "American Dream", once explained by a sociology professor as, "Having a family, owning a home, and having two cars". We had all of that and more and eventually we realized that the problem was that we weren't living our own dreams, so we decided to start doing THAT instead!

So here we are building a skoolie! Our bus is a 1993 Thomas International. We have had many exciting adventures in it since we bought it. And we're looking forward to many many more!

Thank you for allowing us to share our journey with you!



Curtis Stickle

Dad, Husband, Maker, Human Torque Wrench

Curtis has over twenty years of HVAC experience. When he is not working his day job, he likes to spend time engineering and fixing things. His gears are always moving and you never know what genius plan he will come up with next.


Mendi Stickle

Mom, Wife, Artist, Super Hero

Mendi is a graphics designer by day, with over 16 years of experience. When she isn't creating for her day job, she likes to build and create all sorts of things. She loves scary movies and her favorite holiday is Halloween.